This is Chetwynd 1. It’s 32 page printed comic book and therefore a lifelong dream come true.

The entire title of the series is Chetwynd: Project Vampsquatch. Vampsquatch was a dumb idea Rob had during Inktober 2019. Somehow a story wrapped itself around that dumb idea. A story about a teenage girl and her special protector. You can read the rest.

Chetwynd 2. Bigger bolder badder.

Issue two has a little more swagger in both the plot and art. This happens once you realize you CAN produce a 40-page comic. Wendy and Kyle deal with the fallout from issue one and Wendy learns more about her protector.

Narrows Comic

The Narrows 1. A horror mystery set in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Created over the pandemic, this story reimagines the Halifax Explosion as, well, something different. It’s sort of a cross between the X-Files and The Witcher.

Some Early Vampsquatch Iterations

The drawing that started it all.
The coffin helped sell this as a Vampiric Sasquatch but that idea was eventually tossed as a story emerged.

A more classic B-horror version came next.

Although the name was changed this is the version which really stuck. Complete with Danzig hairstyle.

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